How To Manage Your Enviousness   2 comments

Enviousness is really dangerous unless you can control it and manage it for the good purpose.

Enviousness can lead you to the bad things. For example, you got a bad score for a subject/class. And you feel envious to someone, say, your rival who got the better score than yours. You couldn’t think clearly. You got mad and give him/her your fist.

After that you could never get a better score. Because you’d been thought as a bad person and nobody liked you.

It would be a different ending if you manage your enviousness as a motivation. If you fight your rival by a fair competition (study hard to get a better score, whatelse), then you would have seen as the real winner.

So, how to manage our enviousness?
*think think think*

First, we gotta know Why we are so envious. If we know about the causes, it will be easier to cope with the problem.

If you’re envious because others got what you want to get, then try harder to get it. May be you have not been working so hard, or only wanting without working.

If you’re envious because your rival is being treated better than you, you gotta investigate why he is.

To be easier, you can get closer to your rival. By knowing him, you can compare yourself directly to him and learn much things. But don’t try to uncover his weaknesses because it will bring a bad image to you.

The key is just about being better. Just focus to yourself. Explore yourself. If your rival can do better than you can do, then so do with you.

That’s all I can share this time. Maybe we have the different ways to change our enviousness into a motivation.

Thank you for reading 😀


Posted June 18, 2010 by Uki Uki Saki in English Posts

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2 responses to “How To Manage Your Enviousness

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  1. I cannot believe that this can be true

  2. why can’t it be?

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