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Seven Social Sins   Leave a comment

1. Politics without principle
2. Wealth without work
3. Pleasure without conscience
4. Knowledge without character
5. Commerce without morality
6. Science without humanity
7. Worship without sacrifice
[Gandhi, 1925.]


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Some Kinds of Parents…   1 comment

Sometimes, some kinds of parents have obsessions. And sometimes, they can’t make it. And sometimes (again), they who failed want their children to continue their fallen obsessions.

Sometimes, some kinds of parents feel confidence and proud of who and how they are. And sometimes, they want the children also be the same as they are. And sometimes (again), the children are not the same with the parents.

Sometimes, some kinds of parents want the children to be independent. Decide their own ways. Grow up. Develop themselves. Be adults. Be the best they can be.
Spread their wings and fly high….

So, what kind of parent i will be?

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How To Manage Your Enviousness   2 comments

Enviousness is really dangerous unless you can control it and manage it for the good purpose.

Enviousness can lead you to the bad things. For example, you got a bad score for a subject/class. And you feel envious to someone, say, your rival who got the better score than yours. You couldn’t think clearly. You got mad and give him/her your fist.

After that you could never get a better score. Because you’d been thought as a bad person and nobody liked you.

It would be a different ending if you manage your enviousness as a motivation. If you fight your rival by a fair competition (study hard to get a better score, whatelse), then you would have seen as the real winner.

So, how to manage our enviousness?
*think think think*

First, we gotta know Why we are so envious. If we know about the causes, it will be easier to cope with the problem.

If you’re envious because others got what you want to get, then try harder to get it. May be you have not been working so hard, or only wanting without working.

If you’re envious because your rival is being treated better than you, you gotta investigate why he is.

To be easier, you can get closer to your rival. By knowing him, you can compare yourself directly to him and learn much things. But don’t try to uncover his weaknesses because it will bring a bad image to you.

The key is just about being better. Just focus to yourself. Explore yourself. If your rival can do better than you can do, then so do with you.

That’s all I can share this time. Maybe we have the different ways to change our enviousness into a motivation.

Thank you for reading 😀

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Can’t Add Any Event Schedule on My Blog Calendar   Leave a comment

I’m sorry that on my blog’s calendar (Uki Uki Time Machine) there’s no event schedule or whatelse.

It’s only a calendar which shows my posts. Current dates are linked to the posts based on the publication date.

So… no post, no link.

I really want to share some event schedules on my blog. But it can’t go that way.

I think i will just use the post to share the upcoming events or event reports.

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Dilemma   Leave a comment

WARNING: This post is written randomly with a random mind and randomized sentences. Forgive me.

I didn’t know what to write, what to say, what to share right now.

I’m an ordinary teenager who seeks for a good university with the suitable faculty for me.
As an ordinary human, I want to live on my own way. I have willings, desires, and dreams.
But it seems that my parents aren’t on the same way with me. We see different future, we have different plans, different visions, and different ways of thinking.

I admit I wanna do what I want, but it doesn’t mean that I’m a wild child to my parents. I still love my parents, whatever they do and say. But it is so hard to choose between my dreams and their hopes.
I live for them, I live because of them. I would give everything for them.
But, does it mean that I gotta sacrifice my dreams for them?

I wanna say “Mom, Dad, it is my life. Let me decide by myself. Let me grow up, develop myself, learn about many things. Please, set me free.”
But I can’t. They’re still needing me by their sides.
And I don’t wanna hurt them.

FYI my parents even dunno about my dreams or what I want.
Not because they never wanna know (sometimes they don’t wanna know, though), but because I never spoke up or tell em what I wanna be.

I understand that my parents just don’t wanna let me fall down. They don’t wanna see me hurt. They just wanna see me happy. I do really understand. But instead of that, my parents also don’t wanna be shamed of me. My failure. because children’s success represents the parents’.

But I never thought so.

If I’m failed, it must be my fault. Because I’m sure that my parents had educated me so well.
I’m the one who work it out, for me. And if I’m failed, I am the one who should be depressed, right? Yeaah, though I never been. Not Yet. I won’t. Nothing can bring me down 😛

Soooo, back to the topic!
I still dunno what to say~!!! Aaaaarrrrghhh…..

This time I just wanna runaway from my house. Gone somewhere nowhere.
Crossing the sea and travelling around the world all alone~!

But that won’t make my parents happy.

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